Leadership Olympics

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 Leadership Olympics is founded on 4 main components:

  • Achievement
  • Success and Progress Through Initiative
  • Respect
  • Excellence

This program is an intensive, interactive, and leadership experience. Leadership Olympics utilizes an interdisciplinary team approach to empowering students academically, civically, and professionally through leadership training development, skills enrichment, networking, and collaboration. 


Leadership Olympics provides an arena for the exchange of:

  • Information
  • Activities
  • Exercises relative to academic readiness
  • Self‐exploration
  • Character building
  • Communication
  • Organizational Development
  • Leadership styles and practices
  • Networking/coalition building
  • Collaborative leadership/organizational activities
  • Understanding the key dimensions of leadership in diverse cultures and context
In the NO QUIT ZONE we believe that every student has leadership potential and that their particular gifts, talents, and skills can be enhanced through education, hands on activities, training, and development. Furthermore, we believe that "leadership" is a process, not a position.  Each leader has their own unique style and way of dealing with situations, working with others, and communicating their ideas. However, many leaders struggle with understanding and leveraging their leadership style.

Identifying your leadership style will enable you to excel personally and professionally.


Leadership Olympics is a leadership development program that is designed to help students identify their leadership style. The program is built using fun interactive activities built around teams. This program is may be tailored to meet your specific need.


Leadership Olympics is about enhancing student development and endurance in the following areas:

  • Developing Effective Communication Skills(verbal and written)
  • Working in Diverse Teams
  • Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills
  • Enhancing Problem Solving Skills
  • Building and working in Effective Teams
  • Building Trust among Team Members
  • Developing healthy, significant, effective, and strategic relationships through
  • Discovering and utilizing personal leadership style & imprint while in school and other
  • Developing and applying self confidence


Key Points:

  • Students will gain a greater understanding of their own personal identities and how those
    identities shape their leadership style
  • Students will learn how to use their intuition, voices, and listening skills to collaborate
    with others
  • Students will learn how to communicate effectively in an effort to develop relationships,
    manage conflicts, and work through differences
  • Students will build self confidence 
  • Students will identify their leadership strengths and areas for improvement

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